Marketing Intern - Amsterdam & Melbourne

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Marketing Intern - Amsterdam & Melbourne 

We're always on the lookout for new marketing talent, creative legends and bike heroes with love for endless rides. Are you looking for an internship where you have ultimate freedom to discover, to explore the endless opportunities and understand how 

Are you looking for an internship were you get the chance to explore, discover and work on the real deal?  

Well, that's what we're looking for. 


In the position of Marketing Intern you will be given total freedom. We don't like to work with pre-made plans. We're looking for your talent. Work closely with you in creating dazzling ideas, concepts and push our brand awareness to great heights. 

We don't think in large budgets either, so it's that hardcore marketing energy we ask from you. Let's leave billboards, tv commercials and large PR budgets for others, we grow because we eat, breathe and ride bikes daily. 

Dive in all the available stats, learn our customers both online and in store, look across countries and find differences in bike cultures and customer journeys, develop creative content and go outside for the one thing every marketeer loves: a touch of guerrilla marketing in your life. 

So are you ready to be part of an international team of like minded, strongly focussed and eager enthousiasts who are challenging the world to ride bikes? A small but powerful marketing team that's ready to for you to join on their mission? Well, than we would love to talk to you. You will be working from our Amsterdam HQ, but with shops in Sydney and Melbourne there is always the possibility to spread your wings.

Key requirements

> Bachelor degree in Commerce, Marketing or simply convince us you're qualified.

> Written en spoken English, Dutch is a nice bonus

> Able to work from our Amsterdam office for 4-6 months

You are

Independent - Creative - Innovative - A little bit crazy - Opportunity seeker - A big sponge - Liking to roll up your sleeves - Simply a pure marketing legend in the making. 

*We only have limited positions available in both Melbourne and Amsterdam.