Go your own way.

We believe that there are many great things to share with the world in the way we do and see things in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam way of living, working, getting around, and interacting makes so much sense. Like one big cosmopolitan village that you travel through on your terms, entirely in control. Amsterdam embodies the freedom to move your own way.

But even the free-spirited are sometimes caught up in everyday life - and this is where LEKKER comes in. It's LEKKER that enables liberating experiences that give you the freedom to go your own way and the opportunity to enlarge your world.

Our bikes enable you to move as we do in Amsterdam: freely and out in the open, controlling your own route, sharing the experience with others, or taking off on a solo-adventure.

The Amsterdam way is more than a physical movement. It is an attitude to life and encapsulates the Amsterdam 'branie' - being gutsy and doing things your own way.